“Even to hair white with age will I carry you.."
Isaiah 46:4
The Bible is clear in showing that seniors are to be a vital part of the church family. They are to be active in teaching the things of God and sharing their wisdom with the younger generations. Here at Destiny & Dominion, we understand the importance of our seniors and encourage them to courageously step forward to serve the Lord in dynamic ways.
Wisdom Ministry is structured around three important elements that seniors need to possess in order for them to fully utilize their special talents and abilities. Those three elements are Strength, Wisdom, and Purpose. All three elements are found in Jesus Christ and are equally important in their value to the senior man or woman.
Wisdom emphasizes that seniors are to be alive, not just merely existing. Christ provides abundant life and that means a healthy and active life style, even in our latter years. The result is a joy that keeps one young at heart and a sense of significance which motivates the individual to continue on with a vibrant life.
Wisdom Ministry provides opportunities for seniors to serve, learn, and enjoy events. Serving opportunities include such things as teaching classes, nursing home outreach, evangelism outreach and Senior Prayer Warriors.
Learning opportunities includes such things as senior health related seminars, fitness and nutrition classes, and of course Bible studies. Events include such things as musical concerts, dinners, game nights and movie nights.
Soaring Seniors who are alive for Christ place their confidence in God Almighty and realize that He is their source for everything good in their lives and they trust in the Word of God.
“those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint.” ...
Isaiah 40:31
If you are a senior (age 60 & up), we invite you to join us in having fun, learning, sharing, and living the abundant life for God! Come out and join us!
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